BubbleUPnP - Anyone have any experience with it?

I’ve been told I should use it as an alternative to MConnect Control, but when I downloaded and installed it’s not obvious how to configure it to work with the DS DAC. The DS DAC does appear in the renderers list, but I have no idea what setting to use in order to tell BubbleUPnP to play Tidal to the DAC over my network.

In BubbleUPnP go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Local and cloud’ > ‘TIDAL’ , enable and set your account. After that you’ll find TIDAL ready to rock:


Note: no Tidal MQA with Bubble…

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Yeah I did set up Tidal like that, but as I mentioned there is no visible way to set it to play through my PS Audio DAC, even though the DAC is indeed visible in the “Individual UPnP/DLNA rederers settings” in the main Bubble settings menu. Put another way, I can’t even see any renderers listed above “Library” (Local and Cloud) in the menu that you shared in the picture.

Ugggghhhh…ANNOYING how quick the edit window closes now!!! So I"m in the middle of an edit and it won’t let me post.

I was trying to type that my menu/interface doesn’t even look like yours so you must be on a different (older?) version or something.

anyway, I think we’re missing a step here. I cannot see the PS Audio DAC (or any renderers) from within Tidal, so I think what I need is instructions for how to direct Bubble to send the stream to my DAC via the Bridge II.

If you want to contact us or ask James we’d be happy to walk you through its config,

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Guess I’ll have to do that. It’s not intuitive at all, there are no instructions on the Internet, and I can see my PS Audio DAC from the BubbleuPnP interface, just no way to tell how to direct the app to send the DLNA stream to it, for Tidal or anything else for that matter.

“Guess I’ll have to do that”? The CEO of a major high-end audio company just responded to you personally within eight minutes by offering his employees’ technical support to you for free concerning an App that PS Audio did not create and which it has no obligation to support and the best you can muster in response is “guess I’ll have to do that”? How about, “thanks Paul, that would be awesome, I greatly appreciate it”?


You’re completely right, just updated to most recent version 3.1.1. Now looks like this:

After selecting the Bridge (Direcstream DAC) select ‘Library’ > ‘Tidal’ and you should be ready to go

I’m sorry…WHAT?!

Since the window is so short and I’m likely to say something that isn’t very polite and not be able to edit it, I’ll just say mind your own business. Unless I missed something, nobody appointed you the comments police and you’re sure as hell not a mind reader. I don’t think anybody here would appreciate getting lectured by some crank because they didn’t find a response in a conversation to which they were not even a participant worthy of their own arbitrary “niceness” standards - me included.

But since we’re “talking” - I was engaged in a convo with @wijber and we were trying to figure something out. Paul helpfully offered technical support and I responded quickly because I am also trying to work. That’s something that some of here have to do. Unless I’m absolutely losing my mind, I don’t think I EVER said OR implied anything negative about PS Audio - or even the software that any idiot with 4th grade reading comprehension abilities would know that PS Audio didn’t create. So again, I’m not quite sure what you THINK happened here, but you’re WRONG.

Butt out.

Note: you need to spend some $$ and get the BubbleUPnP/DLNA license for full functionality…

@Elk Is there an “ignore user” feature in this BBS platform? If not, can one be added? Thanks.

Please back off, KCCK. Bootzilla is pushing things a bit by offering his observation, but you are seriously overreacting. And again, please do not engage in personal attacks by implying another member is an idiot, etc.even indirectly.

I acknowledge I am stepping in quite forcefully, but we have gone through this with you earlier.

On another topic, is the edit window closing quickly something you are experiencing here on this forum? If so, please describe the issue you are having and I will look into it.


Thanks - to you and Paul. I actually figured it out. And for the benefit of anyone else who needs it, I’ll go through the very simple steps it took. The problem, I think, was a lack of instructions as is often the case with many open source or multi-platform software programs.

  1. Log into Tidal from the BubblesuPnP interface on your Android device.
  2. From the “More” menu at the bottom left, select Tidal.
  3. Once in Tidal, go to the “More” menu at the bottom and in addition to the vertical list your first picture provided, there will be a series of icons presented across the bottom. An X, a gear, a rainbow, magnifying glass, folder and a “cast” type icon.
  4. Choose the “cast” icon and that’s where you can select your renderer. Immediately after I did that, Tidal began streaming to my DSD and the DAC display showed the album and song information being played. Bingo.
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Peace please, we’re just trying to help each other :v:


Hi @Elk. I am experiencing this issue, as well. After posting, the amount of time to edit before the post is locked permanently has diminished to almost nothing lately. I agree with @KCCK that this is a problem, as people often want to revise their posts for various reasons. Thanks very much.

Thanks, bootzilla. I will look into it.

Update: I think I found the issue and made the correct change. Please let me know if you continue to experience the problem. Please also let me know if the problem is fixed. :slight_smile:

Thanks, KCCK for initially mentioning the problem.

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Wow, that was fast! I think you fixed it, as my first post above was locked, and now the editing pencil button has reappeared! Thanks, @Elk!

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Thanks for letting me know that we have liftoff!

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