SGCD : Dac mode vs headphones

Hi all,

First post here, but I’ve been reading this forum for a little while and found a lot of useful information.

I have a simple question : is there a way to use the headphone output while having the SGCD in dac mode? I mean… the output volume seems to be fixed on the headphone jack as it is on the balanced and unbalanced outputs at the back. I would like to do that because the headphone amp of the SGCD is of better quality than the one on my intergrated amp the SGCD is connected to.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Welcome, Zork!

I’ve been running my SGCD all weekend and it’s integration into my Home Theater was awesome. For the first time I can switch between 5.1 and 2.0 and enjoy the 2.0 as much as the 5.1. Never experienced this in over 20 years of playing with discrete surround sound setups.

As to your headphone question, it’s worth a try on my setup one of these days. I’ll let you but I’m not big one Headphone use on my main system. And we’re apartment dweller’s !

I am confused. You want the headphone output fixed or variable? Currently you can play anything you want through the SGCD DAC and it’ll feed your headphones. The level control will vary the level presented to your headphones.

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Hi Zork,

I will have one of our customer service guys reach out to you. I believe they can resolve this issue for you. You should have someone contact you today.


Thanks for your answers. Sorry if my question wasn’t clear.

I’m using the SGCD in DAC mode (connected to an integrated amp), so the outputs (balanced, unbalanced and headphones) are at fixed volume, which makes it impossible to use the headphone output (fixed volume and way too loud). I was wondering if the volume could be variable on the SGCD when headphones are connected.

Thanks again!


Hey Zork!

Email me at and I can get you taken care of. Just a matter of updating some software.


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