SGCD w/ MicroRendu


Has anyone tried the MicroRendu (or Ultra) with the SGDC? Impressions?


Works great. The sbooster 9V power supply sounds great with it.

I recommend Audirvana for DLNA software and the DSD conversion.

Cool. What sort of improvements did you notice? Is the MR worth the price?


I’m late to the party, but I’ll second what CXP says. I also use Audirvana.

There’s an old James Thurber New Yorker cartoon that pictures a group of men standing around, all holding wine glasses. One of them says:

It’s a naive little domestic without any breeding, but I think you’ll be amused by it’s presumption…”

I think about that cartoon when I try to describe how something sounds.

With the Micro Rendu in place I sense a lower noise floor (the cliched “blacker backgrounds”) a wider, deeper soundstage and a better sense of space. I haven’t tried the Micro with a better power supply yet, which is supposed to improve things further. I think a good bit of it has to do with streaming… I also own a PerfectWave DAC and it sounds better via the Bridge II than a direct cable feed…

Hi I use the SONICTRANSPORTER I5 MICRORENDU IFI BUNDLE in front of my Stellar DAC/S300 and it is fantastic sounding. I used to use an Intel i5 NUC computer for ROON/Tidal, but once I switched those out to this bundle, what a difference in sound quality! I highly recommend this setup. There is an article on this here using the SonicTransporter i5 with Micro Rendu: Intel NUC & sonicTransporter: A Tale Of Two Mini Computers Running Roon Core

Also I did notice a great leap in speed also with this MicroRendu setup over my i5 NUC pc.