UltrRendu not showing in Audirvana Studio

I stream Tidal through UltraRendu and USB Matrix to i2s of Direct Steam DAC. urendu is no longer an output option in Audirvana Studio.

Oppo 205, PSA DAC, PSA Power Plant 12, Musical Fidelity M8 500, Odyssey Stratos, NAD 3020, UltraRendu(Sbooster) USB/X Matrix SPDIF(Sbooster) Audirvana Studio JRiver MC27, Magnepan 3.6, 1.7, CD3, MC1

Did you try rebooting everything in the digital pathway before the ultrarendu? This worked for me with Roon.

Maybe the Rendu is in RAAT mode and not DLNA. It’s easily switchable through the Rendu’s ip address on any browser.

Is the Ultrarendu seen in the Sonicorbiter program? (Sonicorbiter .com on your browser)

Yes but I just use the ip in a browser. What your looking for is under apps. I do use a fixed ip so it works reliably.

-Just trying to help Oneartist.

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You nailed it. Thanks! I think I got off track when I tried to play Tidal through my laptop speakers.

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Under Rendu settings I checked a compatibility box for DLNA

Excellent! Another triumph! :grin:

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After I checked the compatibility box and rendu came back in view I thought I was all good. The next day, silence, even with rendu in view. I did your rebooting suggestion all the way from the modem and router up. It works. I wish things could be more predictable. I think the computer world will never be without it’s unexplained mysteries.

I used to love doing live recording with my reel to reel recorder and Sony condenser mics, and then listening to the recording with my home built dynaco tube amps through my big Altec Voice of the Theater speakers. Everything worked with no surprises - just the joy of music.

I’ve been there with all the frustration and desperation involved with music streaming and the gear it requires. I almost gave up on it, but the convenience is somewhat addictive.

The computer engineers say that every now and then you have to “park the sedan, have everyone get out and shut the doors. Open the doors, get in, restart and go.”