SGCD with a BHK 250

So this is just exploring options right now, but I run a SGCD with Emotiva mono-blocks. Pretty satisfied with the setup, but I have seen a few BHK 250’s used for $3-4k in good condition. How would a SGCD perform with the BHK 250? I’m sure a BHK pre would be optimal, but I am working within a budget.

I think that it would sound great! BHK 250’s are a fine amp. You could plan your long term map to a BHK pre eventually. There can be good deals on the BHK Pre too. As time marches on you’ll see price creep down.

I could be in the minority as I wasn’t impressed by the SGCD as a dedicated preamp though a good DAC it is. So if you did end up with the BHK250, I’d strongly encourage you to eventually get a better preamp such as the BHK Pre.

The GDAC is a great piece of kit and the BHK 250 is a killer piece of kit! If you’re able to get a 250 for around 3-4K, I’d hop on that immediately.

As far as them working together, it’s quite good. You’ll get really great detail and musicality, but might not get the separation and depth until the BHK pre is in there. Regardless, you’ll still be a happy camper until then.