SHAMELESS PLUG -- Steampunk Comic Kickstarter (and its link to PSAudio--with thanks to Paul)


So my wife launched the Kickstarter for her Steampunk web comic this morning. One of the things they needed was a video of the author and a ‘trailer’ to explain the project to the viewer. The ‘trailer,’ of course needed music and we couldn’t exactly afford Bear McCreary to compose anything for us, so we got the next best thing–a CD. Of course, using music without permission of the copyright owner isn’t exactly kosher.

So we found a very apropos piece in the “Tutti” album by Reference Recordings (The Bruckner Symphony #9) and said 'wait–who do we ask to get permission?'

I had read here that Paul had conversations with the folks at Reference, and he was kind enough to email the guys there, and they graciously let us use the music for the Kickstarter video.

It turned out great.

So–here’s a BIG thanks to Paul and the gang at Reference Recordings.

We hope you enjoy.

Kickstarter webpage is at:




oh, steampunk!


OK, so pledges have fallen off a bit today. There’s lots and lots of Facebook and Twitter tweets and re-tweets, but not as many people actually pledging anything.

It’s not like it’s ebay or Congress–folks don’t have to wait until the last minute.

But we’re having a hard time convincing folks otherwise.

Any suggestions from you guys?

I realize the comic has nothing to do with audio other than the awesome music for the trailer–but if you guys can suggest anything I’m willing to listen.

Thanks a bunch.



The music was really great - terrific choice!

The music was really great - terrific choice!


Thanks! Our video editor, Scott Baker, did an incredible job generating the motion from the individual panel frames of the comic and marrying that with the script and the music. The timing turned out almost perfect--he did have to adjust the music timing just a little, but not much.

Madeleine has an interesting knack when it comes to music. She teaches spin classes at a local gym and has to set up her music and time it with her lesson plan to match the performance level at any given time (i.e., start with warmup, get to initial plateau, then crank it up in the last half, then cooldown.) Anyway, she can tell in the first 5 seconds if a track will work or not and where exactly to place it in the lesson plan. It's uncanny.

We did the same thing for the music for the kickstarter. New track, 5 seconds later--"nope." Off to the next. The problem with classical music was that the themes were 'too familiar' and the movie/TV soundtracks I had were too closely linked with the movie or TV show they came from. We had settled on the Dvorjak 'New World' as a possible candidate and then happened upon the Bruckner, and that fit even better, so we went with that.

Anyway, thanks, I'm glad you liked it.!