Beware the Kicktrollers

So, there we are, 3 days left on the Kickstarter for my wife’s comic, only 8% left to go, and so far this morning two people have pulled out, dropping our percentage by another 1%.


We were made aware of the “Kicktroller” concept by a guy who was way behind on his campaign, then a mystery man donated a lot to make the campaign goal, then just as mysteriously pulled out days before the campaign ended, leaving the poor guy way underfunded and the project failed. We think they do this just so they can sit 1000 miles away and have some sort of sick malicious joy in pulling the strings on other people’s lives by remote control. Put the money in. Take it out. All with malice as they never really wanted to help back the project. A 'Kickstarter troll", aka “Kicktroller.”

To say we’re nail biting is an understatement, I think all of our nails are chewed off and we’re starting to chew the ones on the dogs. (If we can borrow yours to chew, we’d be eternally grateful. Fingernails, not dogs.). I’d even start chewing the tubes in the preamp, but that may get a little too crunchy. I think we may start fighting with the dogs on who gets to chew their chew toys.

So I hear there’s good progress on the amp . . . .

Thanks for listening.


OK, we can breathe now. Finally made the first goal.

I now return control of horizontal and vertical to you guys. Sorry, didn’t mean to be a Grumpy Gus on the Humor threads. You may now return to your originally scheduled humor programming . . .



Congrats on making the first goal, Streets. Hope you make some stretch goals too.

Thanks, Steve. We’ve got about 5 1/2 hours to go and we’re about $120 under the first stretch goal, so we should make that. If not, we’ll probably just give it to the backers, anyway, because we’re so close.

I was hoping we could have made a second stretch goal (to print the last comic in the 6-issue series) but it looks like that’s too far away. If we could have done that, then we wouldn’t have to do another Kickstarter for the last issue. Unfortunately we’ll have to do this again for #6. Very nerve-wracking, especially when 8 people dropped out on Monday before we had reached the goal.

My wife is getting all kinds of offers to teach how to run Kickstarter campaigns for independent comic creators. This is her third campaign, and we’ll have to to the 4th as I mentioned for the last issue.

Thanks again for all the support. Hope I wasn’t too much of a sourpuss as it looks like the humor forum has been quiet for a while. . . .


The teaching offers sound like a nice bonus for all the work that went into the campaigns.

Traffic on the humor forum has always been highly variable. Nothing to do with you I’m sure. Best of luck with the project.