Shoulder washer, Directstream DAC

Lately I’ve been battling a hum in the system. It is obviously related to a ‘new’ used integrated that I recently purchased, because the hum doesn’t happen with either of the other two integrateds I have on hand. But the hum does appear only when the interconnects are connected between the DAC and the integrated in question.

So I opened the DAC and installed a nylon shoulder washer between the ground wire loop and the chassis, and then redid the ground washer. It had no effect, the hum is still there.

So now I’m wondering, can I leave the nylon shoulder washer in place?

I’m getting around the hum by using a cheater plug on the integrated for now. Something is obviously quirky with the new integrated. Maybe it needs to be looked at.

I don’t see a need to take it out but if you ever send the DAC in for repair, the service team would likely take it out and give it back as they don’t love mods when repairing our gear.

Thanks, Jamesh. Fair enough.