I just bought a used one of these and it hums. It is a mechanical hum - I can hear it coming from the device itself - this is with all other components switched off. It is fed by a PS Audio PPP. No other component plugged into the PPP hums. I have also tried plugging it directly into a wall socket (not the one used by the PPP) and it still hums. Any ideas? Thanks.

You might try tightening the bolt on the transformer. Refer to the 7:00 minute point in the DirectStream Kit Installation video. Good luck.


Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t have the right tools to remove the cover and am not really comfortable attempting the insides of the unit. If this is definitely the problem I would just take it to the dealer.


It is truly simple to open the unit once you know the trick, but if you are uncomfortable doing this do take it back. Perhaps the dealer has another with which you can compare. I, too, suspect the transformer is a little loose (or perhaps, unlikely, too tight).