Possible Problem/Question

It seems to be working again right now but I thought I’d ask this in case the problem comes back again.

About a week ago I updated my DirectStream DAC from Yale to Torries. Did some listening and all was well.

However last night (which was the next time using the system since the upgrade) when I turned it on all I got was a blank white screen. I could hear the relay click on just fine. I powered it off and waited a few seconds. Turned it back on but still the same problem.

Finally on about the fifth or sixth attempt at this it loaded up and seemed to work as if nothing happened. This morning I just tested it and it seemed to boot up fine.

I purchased the DAC new approx. four months ago and am also using the PerfectWave Transport which I’ve had no problems with.

Anyone else have this issue or have possible suggestions?

Thanks! Mark

Static discharge near the screen or top of either my PWT or DS will cause the screens to flip out and turn white. Do you normally turn the unit off with the rear power switch? Is it connected to a power conditioner of any sort?


Yeah I normally turn it off via the rear power switch. No power conditioner. I don’t think there would be any static of any kind and the transport display was normal.

I think I won’t worry about it too much but thought I’d prepare myself what to check next if the issue returns.