Fascinating story on cassettes death and rebirth


Thats a great read and thanks for sharing. I often think about my old Sharp Cassette component. Had it hooked up to my Technics SA-400 receiver and spent many hours recording all my albums on TDK tapes. Those sure were fun times.


Just got rid of my old Nakamichi 480 that I’d had for some 35 years. Loyal and well used. My 2003 Subaru Forester is the only tape player I own. Sigh,

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Owned one of these babies. Bought on Camp Butler (Marine Base with a killer hifi store at the time) Okinawa in 1978. I was an airman stationed at nearby Kadena Air Base. Over 300 yen to the dollar back then. Felt relatively wealthy on the island given my youth. Loved that machine. Often wonder how it would sound to me now.


I have a Nakamichi 500 and an LX5. I keep thinking of listening to them but then I can’t think of a sound reason why. It makes me sad. There is a Nakamichi Dragon within my grasp but then again, why?


I’ve got a Nak 500 as well that’s in my storage room - I can’t bring myself to sell it, but I don’t have any intention of using it.

I’ve got a Nak Cassette Deck 2 sitting in a closet. I was thinking about having it repaired because some of the punk bands I listen to are selling cassettes instead of CDs. After reading that article, not sure if it’s worth it.

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I used to record all my albums, I used Dolby C and later on DBX. I guess if I want to hear my old turntable and cartridge again I could play the tapes. I have many recordings that only exist on my cassettes so some day, if I get older, I may transfer them to digital. For fun. These are old radio shows I did or shows others did. Plus quite a few compilation tapes that I and others made. I have the decks they were made on so…

Yamaha KX-670 (3 head & 3 motor) was the last tape player I ever purchased. It had bias adjustment and play trimming. Also, it was remote controlled. Currently stowed away with a bunch of tapes (DG, Philips, WB, MCA Records etc.) that probably no longer sound good.