Cassette decks, new?

I was wondering if anyone knows of any manufacturer that still makes a decent cassette deck. I took my Nakamichi CR-7A in for service. I was told the parts are no longer available. I’ll look into seeing if I can find a donor machine for the parts, once I know what they are when I pick it up. They’re listed on the repair ticket but the tech had gone for the day and the person calling wasn’t technical. I know it won’t be a CR-7A but something new, if available, has got to be better than fixing old machines for a format I seldom use.

These decks are still popular in Japan, so you might check with companies out there for parts.

From nearly 4 years ago but I bet it is still current enough, like the Nakamichi BX-125E, alas I doubt any of these are still in production but likely better than anything you can find new.

Still not sure if it was the right decision to sell this beauty…but I needed the money over 30 years ago :wink:

I sent my Nak to Willy Herman. It was a long wait, as they were quite backed up at the time. They are supposed to be one of the best.

Good luck.

Now I’m motivated to get my Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2 working! Been in storage for probably 15 years. I’m finding a number of artists who are selling cassette tapes of new music. My father had a 500 series Nakamichi, which was super cool and I spent a lot of time making mix tapes on it in my teens.

If you’re really into it, and want to “do it yourself”, this is a great forum:

They also really get into reel-to-reel.

Thanks to all for the help and suggestions. I’m going to drop my 2 head 580 off with them when I pick up the CR-7A. Once I know what parts are needed I’ll be in a better position to know what to do.