Silly(?) but effective tweaks

So the past couple nights of nearly complete insomnia, I’ve been listening to headphones and of course, tweaking.
Right now I’m listening via a Schiit Valhala 2 hp amp. I think I paid around $300 for it, but that didn’t stop me from trying some Telefunken 6DJ8 tubes that I had laying around. Each tube cost more than the amp. Wow, what a wonderful improvement in density and dynamics. Very liquid–good liquid.
Then I stuck a Shunyata Alpha V2 XC into it. Again, zowie. I really didn’t expect it to respond so well to the tweaks. Sounds so good, I don’t want to go to bed.


If it works and the improvement is worth the money, it is far from silly. Rather, it is creative and potentially a good yuck/buck.


And who doesn’t strive to find the great yuck for the buck?

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I will pour two fingers towards the yuck buck. Toast the spirit.

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I think we need someone (someone more artistic than me) to mock up some Yuck-Buck icon drawings.

The “Yuck-Buck” could be our new tweaker’s mascot. I can envision hats, bumper stickers, custom emojis…the sky’s the limit. Maybe we could get that led-lit logo guy to make us some lighted Yuck-Bucks to display in our systems?!

We need Yuckie (that’s my nickname for him/her/it?) to be clever but not too cute; attractive to the eye…in an understated way.

C’mon folks, someone with a penchant for design, step up to the plate. Let’s do this!


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