Small bookshelf speakers for classical music

Hi I’m thinking of getting some small wireless small bookshelf speakers that support Apple AirPlay. for my bedroom to listen to while reading or whatever. My library is a ton of FLAC and DSD high res, sometimes I like to have on BBC Radio 3 (in mp3 128 outside UK). I will use my Roon/Lumin T2 combo to drive Airplay.

Size is important. Smaller is better.

Let’s say price < USD 1k for two speakers.

Also will consider an amp to drive the speakers but amp will need to support wireless connection to my Roon/Lumin T2 combo through airplay.

I’m a violinist, I listen for fidelity to the original mastering, or as close to it as possible. A neutral speaker that reproduces the highs and lows well is what I’m looking for. I don’t want the bassy crap that seem to be ubiquitous, so am asking for your advice.

Also please don’t tell me about wired stuff. I want ease of use. For serious listening I have a separate listening room with state of the art gear.

No Bluetooth recommendations please.

(BTW I already have some Yamaha MusicCast speakers; see bassy crap comment earlier.)

Thank you.

I have the KEF LSX and like them. They support Airplay 2. They are $1250.00 so over your budget.

I use Naim Mu-so. It’s quite stylish, sounds great, and has tremendous capabilities.