Smart Meters and Audio

One, the effects of electromagnetic radiation are cumulative, so anything you can do to reduce your exposure is a good thing. Two, there are studying showing that the EMF radiation from smart meters are up to 160 times higher than a cell phone.


I’m right there with you. I’ve gone to greater lengths than my wife would like to reduce our exposure to all forms of radiation that I can measure with this tool.

My empirical measurements show that my smart meter produces effectively nothing compared to my mobile cellular, wifi, microwave and electrical wires spread about the house.

I’ve strategically located my access points to allow the convenience with as little signal strength as possible. I’ve also reduced the output milliwatts to the minimum and still have effective coverage. I hardwire everything that supports it.

I distance myself from my laptop as much as practical and disable the radios in my mobile phone when not needed.

We have poor cell reception and I know the mobile phone increases it’s gain to max trying to reach the tower. This is by far the greatest source. Wifi is quite minimal in comparison.

Electromagnetic, magnetic and radio frequency fields are all very location/environment specific. Get a meter and measure your environment and make adjustments. Your smart meter may have to increase it’s gain to communicate or it may not, like mine. I focus my efforts on reducing exposure while sleeping.

Grounding yourself frequently I believe is also helpful to our bodies. Touch the ground with bare feet and connect wires to the ground system that are in easy reach where you sit and touch the end regularly.

Be well.


There is no downside but some time and a bit of lost convenience.

The specifics of comparable contribution are interesting.

The thing with the smart meters is, it’s communicating and transmitting EMF way more often than you are probably using your cell phone. The posted graph takes that into consideration.

I never hold my cell phone to my head, only use it on speakerphone. Also have it in an RF safe case that deflects radiation away from my body.
So when it’s in my back pocket, there is a shield in the case between myself and the phone, same with when I’m holding it in my hand on speakerphone. Also unplug my wifi router at night, no need to keep it spewing EMF while I’m sleeping. One other thing I do is sleep on a grounding mat, also use one when sitting at the computer.

EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) Directive, is a law that is adopted by all EU member states. It enforces limitations on both immunity and emission.

Manufacturers have to comply with the harmonized standards which contain the necessary technical requirements and test methods.

In many cases this requires manufacturers of all equipment to include measures against EMI into the equipment.

The problem is, that the EMC directive is based on self declarations except for medical devices. Market surveillance is so week that many manufacturers get away with declaring anything they want and out the CE label on. Officially CE stands for the French: Conformité Européenne.

Equipment is only allowed on the EU Market if it is marked CE and accompanied with a EU Manufacturers Declaration of Conformity that needs to include a list of harmonized EMC related standards that have been applied for the design and verification of compliance.

Unfortunately due to the option for self declaration (without third party involved) and lack of surveillance it’s also referred to as Chinese Export.

Mind you, the above doesn’t do right to all those manufacturers (including Chinese) that do their homework well, even involve third parties, and sign the declaration after having put up a technical evidence file in which the detail the evidence of compliance to the harmonized standards.

Long story short:
If your stereo suffers dramatically from the implementation of a smart Power Meter or a WiFi router, the culprit could very well be the stereo, ,where all design efforts were put into the ideal non distortion circuit. But, in which protection (immunity) from EMI has been of lesser or in the worst case no concern.

If the equipment is labeled with the CE mark you can verify in the EU Manufacturers Declaration, supplied with the equipment, or in the instructions which standard is applied for EMI immunity.

If none of this is listed, you have 4 choices:

  • buy a 6000 to 20000 $ power regenerator
  • relocate to a deserted island with no smart devices
  • buy new audio equipment that is designed and tested for use in today’s EMI environment as you find it in most communities
  • ask for evidence from the manufacturer of the smart meter (device) for compliance with the EMI regulation, and have the smart device checked up for its emission
  • ask for a different smart meter.

I am glad our European Authorities have addressed both immunity and emission in the legislation for market access.

How many here noticed that your system took a dive after a smart meter was installed?

Seems to be much ado about nothing. RF is non-ionizing radiation that does no harm to you. I work with ionizing (gamma) radiation for a living.

So far I do not have drain bamage…


As I recall, our brains are the least susceptible to radiation damage in any event, unlike the parts of the body with rapidly dividing undifferentiated cells.

From what I remember cells that duplicate rapidly are most susceptible to alteration which can lead to tumors, cancers, and birth defects. A developing fetus is most susceptible to significant effects from radiation due to rapid cell generation. Brain cells can be affected just as any other cell from radiation in that the cells are killed. In the brain they are not replaced. The differentiation is in new cell creation and changes in chromosome structure due to the affects of ionizing radiation. There may also be cases of microwave induced brain damage, and possibly high intensity ultrasonic radiation as suspected in Cuba.

Helpful clarification.

Again, non-ionizing radiation does not have enough energy to cause tissue damage.
This, from the CDC:


Lots of studies say otherwise.

Then it comes down to who you trust. The CDC or Stop Smart Meters guys. I am the Radiation Safety Officer for a hospital in Texas and have been doing nuclear medicine for over 30 years. Non ionizing radiation doesn’t harm human tissue, except maybe to heat it up at high levels (microwave). We are constantly exposed to it every day and we don’t suffer any ill effects…unless you believe you are…in which case, carry on and enjoy the music.


Stop meter guys is the messenger, they didn’t do the studies. If you actually clicked on the link, there are numerous studies posted there. Here are a few.

That pesky education, knowledge, and experience.

Beats my half-year undergrad class on radiation biology. :slight_smile:

(Fascinating, delightful class by the way. And neat toys to work with.)

It’s all good.
But how can you stream if you have to turn off Bluetooth?:stuck_out_tongue: D’oh!


In general I’d agree that non-ionizing radiation causes no harm considering low level, intensities one encounters, eg. smart meter. However, with significant intensities it is possible damage could occur.

A good friend of mine who ran a limousine business years ago, was an early cellphone user. He had that phone glued to the right side of his head, where he later developed a brain tumor and died.

Well, my Grandad on my Mothers side of the family died from a brain tumour - way back in 1962 - can’t blame that on cellphones… ; )