Smileys fixed!

Thanks for the patience. Smileys are back and working.


<img title=“110_gif” alt=“110_gif” src=“” />33_gif<img title=“76_gif” alt=“76_gif” src=“” /><img title=“102_gif” alt=“102_gif” src=“” />41_gif77_gif113_gif<img title=“18_gif” alt=“18_gif” src=“” />


Or not…?

<img title=“12_gif” alt=“12_gif” src=“” /> They will only work from this library for now.

Stupid website. :frowning:


(That is meant to be a ROFL smiley)

Oh, so it works now… Or just occasionally… Or just enough to annoy the CEO <img title=“19_gif” alt=“19_gif” src=“” />


Maddening sometimes. We will get there.

Paul, at my first job in the tech industry, one of the developers told me that the two ugliest things to watch being made was software and sausages. Nothing in the intervening twenty-two years has changed that reality…confused