So what will this mean for the DMP?

Thank you! Pretty cheap insurance.

Could someone confirm that this is in fact the correct transport mechanism for the DMP.

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A 10 dollar drive (retail) in a $6000.00 transport? Seems a bit lopsided in favor of profit margin…

No doubt! WTF!

We have to blame Oppo for their choice of this particular drive as it is there unit that the DMP is based on. A Sonic Frontiers SFT 1 uses a Philip’s CDM 12 drive which too can be had for a very low price. The Oppo unit plays SACD and CD and came with the licensing that made it possible to create a transport that can output DSD to a PS Audio DAC.

See this thread.

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It is also the same drive MSB uses, unmodified, in their mega-buck transports.

(The DMP and the MSB transports use the same drive.)

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For what it’s worth, this drive looks nothing like the one we used in DMP from Oppo. Maybe somehow it’s similar? Or, perhaps, this is the core guts? The unit we bought was fully enclosed and came from Japan. We tried to purchase the drive directly from the Japanese, who refused to sell to us, but if memory serves correctly at the time it was a lot closer to $150 from them.

Also, don’t be too shocked at what some parts within a unit cost.

When we built PWT we used an off-the-shelf DVD ROM drive that I believe we paid $30 for. We lost money building that unit at the end of the day.


That seems to make a little more sense Paul…but I wish my DMP was less finicky…


It must be hard sometimes that you have to struggle with decisions hanging on a few dozen dollars just because of the price calculation model that multiplies it to the ceiling even though your company doesn’t have to put any effort into a slightly more expensive part.

Core guts. According to Peanut-Butter’s thread, it’s the laser that goes and those can be replaced, as well, if one is blessed with manual dexterity and patience.

The thread has a step-by-step how to.

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My DMP has been performing perfectly up to now. However, if something goes wrong, are there enough transport mechanisms to repair it? Are there replacement units out there the I can buy as insurance?

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There are no more drive units, unfortunately. We purchased the remaining inventory from Oppo but those have long since gone.

Paul. Are you saying that PS Audio no longer has replacement drives for the DMP in stock?


I know, it’s ridiculous. Paul said there would be enough mechanisms left in stock to repair DPM transports…!


That is terrible news for a player that is only a couple of years old. The new one is not going to have the touch screen and the cover art display. Sad situation.


Yes, he did !
Very disappointing indeed.


I think they did not get as many spares as it sounded like they had and than too many decided to buy them to have as a backup. This is what caused the shortage. Those who have the drives and really did not need them are keeping someone who actually needs one to get their DMP going from doing so.

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Has it been discussed what optical drive will be in the new player? I know the new marantz drives in their reference line are very good and so are the esoteric drives.

Pray that my DMP will behave for the years to come! Else maybe my OPPO 203 could act as a backup? But that means no more watching 4K and Blu-ray.