DMP Catchup

I haven’t used my DMP in several months and have not been active here. I came to see what is going on since I now need to use the DMP or get another transport. Some of the threads have hundreds of posts, and I don’t have time read them all. But from browsing the most recent in each thread I get the following:

  1. Version 3.06 is now out (after a couple of other versions along the way). 3.06 brings improved functionality for most users, but still some glitches for some people, plus (yay!) better SQ.

  2. Oppo is no longer making the drive used in the DMP. This is disheartening. Months ago I considered moving on from the DMP but have not yet done so. Now we seem to be approaching some resolution to the software problems, thanks to the new programmer (and Paul’s commitment to solving the DMP problems by hiring him). But all his hard work is tied to the Oppo drive. What happens if my DMP finally starts behaving properly and then in another year or two the drive fails?

Have I missed anything else of importance?

Yes, soon a new software update. the DMP will function better and better with each new software update. And PS Audio has a shed with drives so nothing to worry about. Just play the music and enjoy the wonderfull sound of the DMP


If you pair a DMP with a DirectStream DAC with the I2S interface (and HDMI cable), IMO you will probably enjoy the best digital sound quality available.
As for your point with the future availability of the Oppo disk transport, Paul has snagged a large quantity of those parts, which are not known for high failure rates, so hopefully during the life of the DMP most owners won’t need them replaced.

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I have a DS DAC (see my Profile) and the sound quality of the DMP via HDMI has always been superb – that’s not the issue. I will download 3.06 later this week and see if it fixes the problems.

It’s reassuring that PSA has a large supply of the Oppo drives (thank you and radio-seaside for that).