Solder banana VS the rest

With all other variables being equal, has anyone detected an audible difference between soldering banana plugs and the rest (crimp, clamp, screw, etc.)?
Thinking about a solder interface between gold coated plug and copper wire makes my head hurt.

Proper solder is excellent for long term quality connection. It is gas tight and stress free on the wires. Silver solder reduces the melt temp to improve flow with ROHS lead free solder. The silver does not change the resistivity meaningfully.

Crimp can be good done right as it welds through pressure, but care must be taken to manage the edge stresses it puts on the assembly.

Other methods need maintenance over time, and may never reach the initial DCR value of solder or crimp.

Don’t forget, you signal goes through hundreds of surface mount and through hole mounted soldered devices, too, and that seems to work pretty darn well for decades.