Mini Lab Cable tinned leads

I have a PS Audio Mini Lab.cable that I bought about 15 years ago and I decided to use it with my AQ 5000 which has an IEC 19 connection. So I ordered a Wattgate plug, which, btw, grips very tightly. When I pulled the old plug off, I noticed that the leads are tinned. The instructions for the new one say just to use bare copper and not to tin the leads. Some research on this says that the solder can cold flow under the screw pressure and loosen the joint. Well after 15 years, the old plug did not seem loose. But it looks like all those old Mini Lab cables may have been assembled incorrectly, possibly violating code. Can anyone comment on why the leads were tinned and was it known that the practice may have been non code compliant?

I would never tin any cable that is going to be “squeezed” in a connector…!

I have to admit I was completely unaware of this problem. Then again I’m not an electrician although I do know a lot of the compliance issues.

as long as you know a lot of something… :joy: