Soldering kit recommendations

So recently I’ve taken to buying up some older stuff to refurbish it. My latest project is a Pioneer PL55DX turntable. I’m quickly realizing the need for a Soldering kit. Interested to find recommendations. Thanks in advance!

My go-to for soldering supplies is You’ll find kits at:

Soldering Irons (

Plus everything else you’ll need such as soldering stations (e.g. if you want temperature control), desoldering supplies, pretty much every grade of solder you’re likely to need, etc.

All the years I spent as an electronic technician I used Weller products…end of story.


I’ve got a much older and simpler version of the Weller Soldering Station linked below, but if they still make stuff of similar quality I’d buy one. My station is ~40 years old and works like a charm.


I have two as well as a solder gun for the heavy duty stuff. The Wellers are exceptional. I have used them for…well a long time. I have since added this to my kit and can recommend it as well:

A proper work station, solder sucker and desoldering wick are essential. You may also want to invest in grounding straps to minimize the impact of static electricity as it will take out the board mounted ICs.

+1 for Weller

A good Weller with interchangeable tips is the only choice. You need ability to set temps and pick the right tip.

  • Soldering a tone arm needs a pencil tip at lower temperature
  • Soldering interconnects needs a small blade tip at slightly higher temps
  • Soldering 12ga speaker wire is high heat with large tip

Weller does all of this with highly controllable temperature.

Also get a variety of tips:

+! for Cleveland’s recommendation:


Both the Weller and the Hakko are solid options, having a 40year old Weller and a 5 year old Hakko. Great recommendation and the tips as well, and then there’s heat sinks, side cutters, lighting, soldering mats, and …

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Thank you to all who responded. It’s always good to make informed choices based on solid advice. I’m confident that the following will serve me well based on these recommendations.
Thank you again!! Weller WE1010EDU Soldering Education Kit, Multicolor, 8-piece kit : Tools & Home Improvement Weller WLACCBSH-02 Soldering Brass Sponge Tip Cleaner with Silicone Holder : Tools & Home Improvement

Weller Helping Hands with Magnifier (WLACCHHB-02) - -

Solder Sucker Desoldering Pump Sucking Vacuum Desoldering Pump with Teflon Tip 7.5" Solder Sucker Silicone Desoldering Tool (Black) - -

Lesnow No-Clean solder wick braid with flux Super 10ft Length Wick Desoldering Braid Removal Tool Solder Sucker 1 piece Desoldering Wick Wire Roll and Disassemble Electrical Components - -

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Let us know how your first project goes.

It will probably be more remedial than productive!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I use this iron from Hakko frequently. It’s excellent. It heats fast and recovers very quickly.

Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station FX-888D FX-888 (blue & yellow)

There’s no better manual solder sucker:

EDSYN DS017 The Original Deluxe Solder Sucker SOLDAPULLT

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If you are ready to go into the deep end and want to step up your game, then go with a resoldering tool. My favorite:

American HAKKO FR301-03/P ESD Safe Portable Desoldering Tool with Precise Temperature Control °F /°C

Looks, ummmm, familiar…

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I am still happy you reminded me of them. I think I have used it 50x since we last discussed them. I also bought a box of spare tips.

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Yes. Thie SOLDAPULLT is the granddaddy of all solder suckers and the best design. I’ve used this model since the late 70’s and it just works.


That is the one I have, and prefer. Unfortunately I could not locate it when I went looking for it I recommended one further down the cost ladder. The other should be fine for light use.