Avoiding solder

Are there actually handheld ultrasonic cold-welding tools? Or are they industrial machines?
I’d like to avoid using solder because it’s always a bottleneck.

For example, if I was to build a point-to-point wired tube amp, how could I avoid using solder? I want a signal path with no bottlenecks, especially when it comes to tubes.

Simple question. WHY?

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Don’t know but I know cables…cold or laser welded for good reason.
Not sure if this is also easily possible for all electronic parts.

If you google you find cold welding equipment for 300-400$.

Even the best solder alloy has terrible resistivity. Under 20% IACS.

Of course, we want as close to possible to metal-metal joints, not metal-solder-metal and when soldering while we can take care to get most of the contacts meeting flat and using a minimal amount of solder for the mandatory adhesion, it’s still a bottleneck. The idea of having blobs of tin between silver wiring isn’t appealing.
Cold-welding creates a straight contact with no additional poor conductors necessary.