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Octave Records and Studios are a state of the art DSD recording facility. Find all the latest recordings, videos and photos.

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Good morning Paul…

Great idea…

My .02 would be to focus this thread on the recording methods
and background on how the recordings made by Octave records
are actually produced.

With a blend of enthusiast and layman levels of understanding
from how music is chosen all the way through recording setup
and track lay down to final product.

Perhaps even pictures chronicling the recording venue and the
event itself…This would help bring the reader clientele into a
more intimate feeling of what was it like while producing a
given album.

This is but just one very small aspect of what to include in
your new thread.

Thanks Paul
and Best wishes


@Paul: Not sure of your intentions for this thread, exactly; but here goes anyway…

Just arrived:

Looking forward to giving it a spin.

But have to rip to my NAS first…


Just ordered “Ancient Rythms” CD. Cant wait! :slight_smile: