Song #3 on scabaret

hello all, at about 45 seconds into this song i hear some low frequency rumble at a moderate level at about level 45 on bhk pre, 250 amp, ps dac and transport. anybody else notice this? seems just this song on this sacd.

You may want to be more specific, as I dunno what album, or if the song is called scabaret, etc.

But I’m guessing you may be hearing information that is on a lot of albums. Recordings are not perfect, and lots have very low information which is not reproduced by most systems - including those in the recording chain.

its one of the octave records sacd,hothouse flower by scaberet

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I got the reference immediately.

I don’t hear anything untoward on that track, although I have the download version…

It may be the sounds of a typewriter. The notes for the song state, "Lots of typing and paper ripping, wadding, shuffling, staling, et., went into making of this tune." The credits include , ballpoint pen, paper, paper, stapler, pencil, and typewriters, in addition to musical instruments.

The website adds, " “Better On Paper,” a song that mixes lush electronic keyboards, Kimberly’s viola punctuations, and the recorded sounds of a clacking typewriter and ripping paper."

I’ll have a listen when my wife is done with her zoom meetings.

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