Latest Octave release / Audiophile Masters Volume IV

I’m playing the 24bit 192k file of volume IV and it is pretty impressive. very enjoyable music and the recording is first rate. Scratchy throat Tyler Thompson is back and better than ever. The sound from this album is so rich, full and powerful, especially in the bass, you really feel it in your guts! This may very well be the best Volume yet. Well done, Octave Records!


Thanks for posting your impressions.

Mine is on order (also bought the shiny discs version)…

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Played the DSD files from the download this afternoon and completely agree.

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I just put in the order for the SACD. I like the Vol.3 already and it sounded better than most of other SACD I owned. I can’t wait for the Vol. 4.

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I have 3 and 4 on the way . . .

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Thanks! We’re very pleased with this and appreciate greatly your kind words. Definitely getting our chops down. Can’t wait for you to hear our next release which happens next week. Scabaret. It’s a masterpiece!

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I found Vol. 4 on the website on Wednesday and ordered it. Hope that’s not a problem (Frank had said in Copper that its release was going to be Thursday).

If by Scabaret you mean ‘three bad mamas and a microphone’ - count me in. Should be very interesting.

I have Vols. 3 and 4 headed my way. SACD—my new drug of choice!

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Just got IV in today’s mail. It’s a joy. Octave needs to issue an entire release of Wiggs, McCarthy and Morse!

Thanks! We’re so happy with that release. The next one…Scabaret Hot House Flower goes live tomorrow. OMG. Wait until you hear this!


Arrived yesterday…firing up dBpoweramp Music Converter now to rip to my HD:

Will make its debut on the DMP/DSD combo later this evening…

Got all 4. Really wonderful recordings. Not every piece is to my taste, but all in all they’re worth getting.

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Agreed…2 or 3 gems on every release…

Thanks and et us know what you think!

Just bought the download edition. Can’t wait to give it a listen this evening.