SongKong and Metadata

Hi, haven’t been here for a while but I see that my SongKong and Jaikoz tagger software gets mentioned here from time to time so I wanted to make myself available for any questions about these products and to try and give help I can with music metadata in general.

SongKong in particular has matured somewhat over the last few year, we have done alot of work with Simon at MinimServer, SongKong now comes preinstalled on Melco music servers, and is the go to app for Roon as a way to tidy up your metadata to get better results with Roon

So I hope I can be of use to PS Audio customers.


Hi Paul, long-years satisfied Jaikoz user here , welcome! :slight_smile:

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My Songkong does great work for tagging with the combination of libraries implemented. No other quickly supporting alternative for the hard cases.

I’ve been using your product for awhile. I think it works well.

Thanks guys, for those interested in having a look at SongKong or Jaikoz I am offering a 20% discount until end of March, just use PSSUPERDISCOUNT at checkout.


+1 on Song Kong. Been using it for the past year.

+1 on SongKong. Great tagging tool! And Paul has been very responsive.

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