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I saw that besides several pictures missing during migration to the new forum, there also got some threads lost it seems.

At least there was a thread regarding Songkong, where I lastly mentioned a few problems. Since some time with new updates they’re gone and I recently had great success tagging with it. That’s what I wanted to mention here. It’s very helpful to me in the meantime.

I do not recall a SongKong thread, just a few scattered posts such as this one here in which you mention SongKong has limitations.

We should no longer have any missing threads, although it sometimes can take a bit to find them. Fortunately the new search function works very well. Please do a bit of digging if you have not already done so as the topic may interest others.

It is good to hear whatever limitations you previously thought were present in SongKong no longer exist.

Thanks ELK, I did some digging before and also found this reference, but I was quite sure there was another thread where also the owner of Jthink replied multiple times.

But never mind, we don’t have to go deeper, in case you’ve got an archive and it doesn’t mean too much effort, you can check or not.

It is always worth putting a bit of effort in. I hate loosing a discussion. :frowning:

I think this was one of the lost threads (at least I couldn’t find it yet):

New post on a forum or topic you are subscribed to at PS Audio:

From: ijabz
Group: Main PS forum
Forum: “TAGGING”- Meta tagging discussions
Topic: SongKong Music Tagger Wishlist
URL: http://www.psaudio.com/forum/tag-you-are-it/songkong-music-tagger-wishlist/#p51095

Hmmmm . . . perhaps we can find it.