Sonic comparison between PPP and P500

Has anyone compared the 2 units? I demoed a P500 in my system once and thought it made a big improvement. However after giving up on getting one on the used market i purchased a PPP. It doesn’t seem to make as much improvement.This is going strictly from memory because it has been quite some time since I had the P500.

From recollection going from the P500 to a PPP was an improvement.

It’s interesting to me hearing about improvements between these two units. My experience has been the opposite. I really liked the P500, and questioned whether the PPP was as good in my system. Further more, the best unit that I ever owned was the P300. Again, I expect that these differences may have to do with the equipment owned at the time, and even the fact that the units were not all with the same house or system.

Very interesting. I would enjoy knowing why your experience is as it is.


My guess might be that the P500 and the P300 produce balanced AC output. It may also have been due to the fact there are multiwaves used in those units not available in the PPP.