Sonore Signature Rendu SE optical vs opticalRendu?

The Sonore Signature Rendu SE optical has been highly recommended by some people in this forum. Unfortunately it is not sold in Europe due to the lack of CE certification (needed for all products sold in Europe). So the offered alternative is an opticalRendu with a very good power supply. Has anybody compared the SQ of the Signature Rendu with the opticalRendu?

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Sounds like a question for @aangen? If not email Sonore and Adrian will get back to you immediately.

I have not had any experience with an OpticalRendu. But I do own both an UltraRendu and a Signature Rendu Optical Level II blah blah blah. (these names).

The Signature Rendu Optical is my current favorite streamer of all time. It is exceptional. The Ultra was also quite good with the appropriate power supply.

The theory behind the Signature is a built in excellent power supply and perhaps a better circuit board design to take advantage of the space available in the larger case.

They do make a less costly Optical Rendu for ROON only. If you Roon you could save money. I think if you got an Optical Rendu and a clean power supply you would enjoy the sound nearly as much as the Signature. I think you could live with the Ultra as well. They are sweet sounding devices. I understand and respect the desire for Optical, but I think it may be overplayed.

As I went directly from the Ultra to the Signature I never bought or tested the OpticalRendu…


I hear the upcoming Mace Windu Star Wars Avatar Edition Warp Nine Force-Be-With-U Rendu is going to be the bomb. Four Versions:


Thanks for the answer. However, I have spoken to Adrian and decided to order a Signature Rendu from the US and they will ship it to me in Europe. This is OK with the regulation, but you can’t professionally resell it without the CE certificate. This decision was based purely on emotion. It goes against all logical sense and I am sure I would have been happy with an optical Rendu, but I don-t like the size of it, I want a “real” product with some weight. And then of course you always have the nagging knowledge that there is something better out there :slight_smile:

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Congrats. I talked with Adrian last week and he said he could work out a package and price for me. He seems very knowledgeable and helpful.

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Now I have another question, and it is about fibre. If I understand it correctly a number of owners of Sonore optical units have replaced the multimode TP-Link SFP unit (included with Sonore) with a single-mode SFP module from Finisair. and think this improves the SQ. Is this correct?

Yes, that was my experience - single-mode in my system an improvement as was adding Finisair cages.

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Interesting. I know another person who have spent a year evaluation the SQ of different fibres, and he also claims the single-mode sounds better than multi-mode. However, when I spoke to Adrian he very strongly recommended the TP-Link multi-mode and said that the optical unit was designed for multi-mode and that he couldn’t guarantee the functionality with single–mode. Have you had any problems with your set up?

Yes, Adrian told me the same thing, this is the one thing I disagree with him on, but probably system dependent.

No issues whatsoever, been in place for over a year now.

I am planing to use the Sonore opticalModule in the other end of fibre. Has anyone any experience of this unit?

I sent you a private message that also includes different configuration advice.

Thanks for the insight Al! Are you currently running fiber on your system?

Amen brother!! Amen!

And I bought the first generation Optical module and use an upgrade power supply with it. I started out with a TP Link. I cannot hear a difference but spent the money anyway. The Optical Module is a nice piece.

Yes Paul, I run Inakustik Cat7 to the Optical Module and Fiber to the Signature Rendu. I am thinking of running Fiber from the EtherREGEN directly to the Signature Rendu but tomorrow my Pink Faun 2.16 arrives so my Rendu is going up on blocks for awhile. I am going to test both fiber and Ethernet to the Pink Faun.

(I will NEVER sell my Signature Rendu. Never!)


That was going to be my next question but you answered it! Not for sale that is a solid vote of confidence!

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I run Inakustik CAT 7 into the EtherRegen B side and have optical coming out of the A side directly into my Sonore Signature Rendu SE Level XXX Optical Special Edition Deluxe-whatever - out of all the configurations this sounded the best to me.


Where did you purchase the inakustik cat 7 cable if I may ask? Thank you.

Go to eBay.

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First from eBay (strongly not recommended)
Now (highly recommended!)
Worldwide is odd. They want you to use PayPal, they only accept friends and family, they ship insanely fast.

I was worried, I have purchased twice from them and both times I was really, really impressed with their service.


I appreciate this info. So where does your server connect in this setup? Currently I have my Euphony Server plugged into the B port, an Inakustik Cat 7 cable from A to my Optical Module which feeds my Signature Rendu, and also a feed to my network into the A side of the EtherREGEN.