Sonorus holographic imaging from Yarlung

I just discovered and tested this here (complete albums are downloadable from

Really nice effect, like Q-Sound, which was used some time ago on a Sting recording I have.

In my case it works less good on the right side, where I have a cupboard, than on the left, but there’s clearly more room and front/depth as well as lateral Information. But I think to have the best effect one Needs a completely symmetric room around the speakers.

Try it!

Given the sound, and their vague description of what they are doing, it appears to be yet another variant of Blumlein shuffling incorporated into the BSG qøl, etc. See, this article for a fairly exhaustive discussion of what it is and how-to for sound engineers: clicky

Many businesses have tried to market this processing claiming their proprietary version is superior, but none have taken off.