Soundstage Shifts Left

I have the DSJ paired with a S300. On many recordings I perceive the soundstage as shifting more towards the left speaker. How can I shift it to the right to be more centered?


I have the same issue, after much trial and error one simple fix for me anyhow in my room.I just pushed the left speaker back only 1 inch you can also pull the right speaker forward 1 inch whatever your room allows,it worked for me and I hope it works for you. That for me tremendously improved the center sound stage however ,not all recordings are going to present a center Image I found but that trick worked for the majority of my music library

Have you tried playing with the balance control in the DSJ? I swear either one of my ears is a little off kilter, or the crossover in my speaker is bad because the left speaker always sounds a little louder. I try not to let it bug me too much because I’ll lose sleep worrying about it. Certain recordings make it more apparent as well.


Great idea, so simple, I’ll give it a try tonight. Thanks :pray:t3:

Yes ,I spent a long time with speaker position because of my room is Asymmetrical my center image was always to the left and then it just dawned on me after more hours than I can count trying to set up my speakers that it’s simply time alignment and it worked perfect for me I hope it does for you to keep us updated.

If your room is not absolutely perfectly symmetrical (exceedingly rare, especially in a home) one needs to tweak speaker placement a bit from measured “perfect.”


My room is 12 x 22 with the rig on one of the 12’ walls, projecting across 22’. The left speaker is near a sliding glass door that leads out to a lanai. The right speaker is near a 5’ wide rice paper shoji door which can be slid open to reveal open space in another room. So those are uneven reflective arrangements that I can’t change.

Thanks again

I thought it was just me. It seems like when I first start listening everything seems left, with little content to the right. After an hour or so it seems proper. Sigh. I never shut my system down either. Interesting that I am not alone with this. It’s less of a problem with Roon, more of a problem with JRiver.

I find that pulling forward, away from wall/closer to listener, the speaker that is closest to any boundary helps balance out the stage. Balance adjustment works too!

I had this same problem for a while last year and blamed it on room asymmetry…

Turns out I had an occluded right ear canal(wax).

Yes, I have the DSJ balance set to +4 to the right. Most of my ultra high quality recordings are balanced between left, center, and right. But many others always seems more to the left. And I find it interesting that the feedback on this thread is all about a left shift instead of right. I wonder if in the Southern Hemisphere it always shifts right :thinking:

I always find the left shift disconcerting.

Moving the right speaker forward 2” has made the situation much better. Oddly, it made the soundstage extend out past the left speaker as well, this is with Windom.


Southern hemisphere here confirming a slight shift to the right.

Nothing that a few hours of speaker positioning won’t address


Moving the right speaker forward has not only fixed then left leaning soundstage, the speakers sound better overall. A bit like when one day I realized my sub was out phase and flicked the switch. In a sense, without intending the exaggeration that this statement implies, my speakers sound born anew.

Wow ,that’s the same experience I had when I figured out what I needed to do to get the center image right in my system.I also experienced a much wider and deeper soundstage at the same time ,and to this day every time I listen to my system I finally feel it’s time to leave it as it sounds great,
I am very happy it worked for you enjoy :wink:

That’s awesome! Thanks for keeping us posted, and for donk’s great suggestion. Now I’m tempted to go home and start tweaking again.

It’s well worth trying, hopefully you get the same results mark where the speakers are to begin with and just put them back if it doesn’t work, but keep trying it’s there you’ll be able to get it😎

I vaguely remember @Paul saying something about asymmetrical speaker placement.

It does make a lot of sense. Also going off what Elk mentioned earlier, it’s rare for rooms to be perfectly symmetrical, which certainly won’t help make a perfectly center stage.