System review

I have finally broke in my BHK preamp , and would like to share my thought on my ps audio system, I had an older Ayre set up and was very happy with it for years, then I purchased a set of Sonus Faber Olympica lll’s.
I felt the Ayre amp was light in the bottom end , so after much research the BHK 250 was my choice, I do believe in system synergy, so over the last year the swap was made. the PS gear, not only gave me more bottom end but far greater resolution and detail than I was getting with Ayre.
A step up on every front , really only two minor gripes, not a big fan of the binding posts on the amp, and the weird dead spot between 24 and 25 on the volume, but those are minor nit picks compared to the improved sound quality.
My next play would be a power regenerator, to replace my old power director, but it has been serving well for years , and am waiting on the BHK phono pre. but a very satisfied customer . highly recommended.