SOtM Ultra Neo vs. ultraRendu

Hi all,

I’m wanting to upgrade my streamer from the Network Bridge II to an external set up.

The SOtM and ultraRendu seem well reviewed universally so they are on my list. From more than one source I’ve read that the ultraRendu is more detailed and controlled while the SOtM is more organic, less detailed, with less clarity. Most seem to say the SOtM is perhaps more musical.

My system consists of a Pass Labs power amp, BHK pre, and a DSD DAC, all powered by a P12, so I’m thinking it’s pretty organic and musical already and the ultraRendu may be a good compliment, on the other hand, most seem to rank the SOtM higher (although not sure they all have a PSA dominated system like mine) and I really have a hard time with harsh highs and anything fatiguing.

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on these options and anything else comparable (Lumin U1 Mini?) - would like to keep my spend less the $2K please!

The SOtM after extras and PS might push you to around $2.5K

The uR + LPS1.2 + soon to be released EtherREGEN + LPS1.2 would be close to the same cost and you would get the latest network switch.

I am partial to the Sonore/UpTone/SmallGreenComputer, network audio ecosystem, I have the uR, 2 oMs, STi5, 2 LPS1s and 2 LPS1.2s. ( and still have a Sonore Signature Series Rendu )

I also have the SOtM network switch, PS500 and Cat6 filter and 7 Ethernet cable.

Since the introduction of the oR, the uRs have been coming up for sale, I purchased my lightly used uR and LPS1.2 together for $900.

Either way you go, you will more than likely want to add a Matrix X SPDIF-2 to the mix, I do.

Both offer NAA, which you will need for HQPlayer, which I highly recommend you look into.

I can’t comment on the sound of the SOtM, but uR in my system sounds amazing.

Hopefully someone will respond who has heard both contenders in his system.

Thanks for the response. A Matrix is def in my plans and I did forget to mention that I’m a Roon user so HQPlayer too.

Like you I don’t mind buying used so I’m think the SOtM would be a secondhand buy.