Speaker Cable Length Question

I’m wanting to buy some Kimber 4pr speaker cable. One speaker is about 15 feet away from my amp and another about 30 feet away. Should I buy the 45 feet that I need or buy 60 feet and keep my cables the same length? I know Ted has touched on this and said it might be okay…but I just want to be sure before I order. Thanks!


And one more question…should I be concerned with the “smaller” diameter of these cables in a system comprised of Monitor Audio Silver 300’s and a S300 amp? Or do I need a larger gauge cable?

I believe in using equal lengths. Have you heard the Kimbers in your system?
If not I would consider a similar priced product from Audioquest.
I used to have the original version of the 4tc, and I had a problem with an upper midrange glare.
I now use Rocket 88 in the main system, and an inexpensive AQ two wire model in my second system.
Just saw the second question, those speakers deserve better wire. Have you considered putting the amp between the speakers, and running longer ICs?
That would be my preference.

You may find this thread of interest: click

I have considered running longer IC’s but due to my setup I cannot - I’m stuck with slightly longer speaker cable runs.

My budget is around $150 at the most for speaker cable at this time, so I’m trying to find something in this range to hold me over for a while - hence considering the 4PR. I can get 40-50 feet bulk in this price range. Or, I’m considering the Belden 5T00UP as well (10g) which is even more affordable.

Have you heard the 4PR? Hopefully it doesn’t have some of the glare you’re referring to.

The only Audioquest that I can see that I might be able to afford in this price range is their bulk X2.

Thanks, Elk, as always. I appreciate your guidance and help. That link did indeed help. Do you have any thoughts and/or recommendations in my price range of $150 and under?

I think you are on the correct track. I also suggest Canare 4S11.

I would buy in bulk and terminate them myself.

I actually have the Canare 4S11 right now and it works well, but I need something with a slightly smaller outside diameter due to cable-concealing needs. The 4S11 is just to big unfortunately.

I’m definitely going to buy in bulk and terminate myself…

Would you venture to guess there’s much of a difference between the Kimber 4PR and Belden 5T00UP? The Belden is a 10g vs the 4PR’s 14g…for that reason alone I’m tempted to go with the Belden…

My opinion is that we get carried away with some of these details.
Kimber make excellent cable at every level. And I guarantee that you won’t hear any difference from unequal lengths, even if you emigrated from Krypton.

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I expect both would work very well. I would decide based on how each would work in your situation and cost.

My experience is that the most important is to use decent wires throughout the system. Yes, there are better more expensive alternatives to entry level wire. But the differences are comparatively small relative to the first leap.

There are very few absolutes – too many variables, but this is generally good advice from jeffstarr: Use longer interconnects and shorter speaker cables. Also, FYI: https://www.crutchfield.com/S-5aK2HnuqYPW/learn/learningcenter/home/speakers_wire.html (there are other “calculators” out there as well.

Thanks for all the excellent advice everyone…especially since I just posed this a few hours ago! A lot of what I’ve heard does confirm my initial thoughts, but being a relative novice I just wanted to confirm I wasn’t missing anything.

All of my other cabling is of good quality so the aforementioned options should keep in-line with that. Now just to pick between the 4PR and Belden.