Speaker distance perfection

Most things Rega are amazing value for money.

Meanwhile my right hand speaker has moved. I think it was the cleaning lady. Should I:

  • Take legal action
  • Bury her in the garden and claim justifiable homicide
  • Start a thread to find if there is some sort or motion sensor or electrocution device to prevent such things happening
  • Just give it a kick back into position

My my way too drastic…

Hope nothing was damaged

1st rule with your gear: Never have anyone other than yourself near your gear!! :roll_eyes:


Only the soundstage - temporarily.

I have a pair of Harbeth P3ESR in my office. A magnificent speaker. Every time I see them on stands I worry. Wouldn’t last a week in my house.



Your Harbeths look really nice…

It’s good to know the gear is all well…sound stage can easily be recovered…

Any way to place a removable “stantion” like easy to move
with a rope like barrier indicating …“this far and no further”?

Might help prevent future close calls…

Best wishes Stevensegal

Those are not my Harbeth, my larger ones are here:

I’m not sure the wife will appreciate police chevron tape plastered across her living room, but a good idea all the same.

Audio rule number 54: Decide if you want a turntable or children under age 15. They are mutually exclusive.


Ooooop my misunderstanding…for some mistaken reason
I thought this was your office system…

You are right no wife would allow such in her living room…

I was 15 when I built my 1st heathkit integretated tube amp and
shortly thereafter purchased a Garrard Lab 80…so
there may be differences …but 15 year olds and tts need not be
mutually exclusive…I had a fascination with audio gear even at
an early age…

Does your 15 year old have a sense of music appreciation …even
for audio gear…?

I can certainly understand your concern regarding mutual exclusivity
of both…

To help bring the point home to your 15 yr old …if you can locate it…an article describing the physics with microscope photos of a phono
stylus tracking a record with related stresses would be an eye
opener for any reader…

Best wishes friend

My 24 year old has a pretty thorough knowledge of jazz, blues, indie and good rock. He used to do student radio and goes to as many gigs as practical. He’s been to Glastonbury every year since age 15. He’s blagged his way into everything from Radiohead gigs to a Kasabian record launch party at Abbey Road. He has an impressive vinyl collection, a P3 (gift from me) and some cheap vintage audio that sounds really good. He reads 800 page books about Bob Dylan. He has 5 or 6 very nice guitars.

My 20 year old knows the lyrics to just about every rap song ever written, but has never heard of Bob Dylan.

Both use the main audio system, one with vinyl, the other with Spotify. They both appreciate good sound quality, within reason. I’m learning about rap.


Rule 54 lead me to think you had a 15 year old…oh well

Hi Steven,
Nice looking speakers. Do you have the Devialet connected to these speakers? Also, what make are the stands? They remind me of HiFi Racks, They make decent stands.

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Yes, the Devialet 250 pro is driving these speakers. On HiFi Racks, very popular here. Turntable, now use an external phono amp and a server upstairs in the office. Other essentials in the cupboard as well.


Of all the equipment you’ve got there, I’d say the selection in the lower right look most interesting.


Minimalist gorgeous setup. Congratulations.

Hi Vee…

How is your speaker positioning project coming along ?
Have you found your perfect spot yet ?

Happy tweaking

Hi David, sadly my system is in a diminished state right now. I packed and shipped the right channel BHK300 to Boulder a couple days ago after it kept going into protection after warmup. So, my positioning exercise will have to wait.

I pulled the Sprout 100 out of the office to substitute. It’s a valiant effort, but the shoes are just too large to fill. The soundstage depth collapsed and instrument and voices are more concentrated in the center. Oddly, there’s a hum between the BHK Pre and Sprout unless I lift the ground on the Sprout. My sense is there’s a slight difference in ground resistance to earth between the two devices, so excess ground current is flowing to the Sprout instead of out of the Pre’s ground pin. I asked PSA support to see if they could reproduced it with in house equipment and am waiting to hear back.

I also started installing 24x72x6" broadband bass traps under the peak of my vaulted ceiling. When complete, it will be a 12ftx4ft bass trap cloud which I expect to solve some chaotic reflections and bass decay.

Then next week two 20A circuits on 6AWG wire with EP2050/EP2750s are going in.

Wow Vee…sorry to hear about your BHK 300 having to go back to
Boulder… for service…I know they will take good care of you…

Best wishes Vee

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The answer is yes :grin:

The BHK is fully balanced and the Sprout is SE so yes a ground differential issue. We had a similar discussion about a problem like this just a couple of weeks ago.

I use a wooden yard stick I got free somewhere on top of the speaker. It helps when pointing the speaker.


Yes I recall that discussion. The solution was to use balanced cables, though PSA didn’t have the customer’s amplifiers in hand to diagnose the problem. In this case, it’s two PSA devices.

Using the Sprout is a temporary situation for me until the BHK300 comes back, but I was surprised to have the hum with the Sprout in a full PSA stack – P20, DSD, BHK Pre, Sprout. I also suspect this issue is related to a hum issue with the Stellar Phono Pre I’m trialing, so I would like to resolve it.

If you have a hum issue with the Stellar phono even with the 300’s with XLR’s between them and the BHK preamp then I don’t know how they would be related unless you were also trying to run the Stellar phono with SE cables. If you can get them to take the time to set up a specific scenario just for you then good. This is just the reverse of the scenario Fremer had and I have run into it every time I try to run a SE amp with either the BHK preamp or my also fully balanced Supratek preamp.