Laser gizmo to aid speaker placement

Awhile back in Paul’s posts he mentioned a laser device that is sat on top of the speakers that is used to “aim” the speakers at the listening position. I thought I might like to try that but unfortunately I have open baffle speakers which don’t really have anything on the top that I could place anything on. Anyone familiar with anything that could help in my situation? My speakers are about 3 inches wide at the top. I think I read somewhere when I had maggies about a similar device that could be clamped to the speaker. Any help would be greatly appreciated as the manufacturer suggests that proper placement/toe is crucial for proper imaging. Thanks very much.


One trick you can use is a mirror and an assistant. Get a small hand mirror and affix it nearest the tweeter with some double sided tape. Sitting in your listening position, have an assistant turn the speaker until you can see your image in the mirror. Bingo. You’re aligned.

Nice! Thanks Paul!

I use the laser measure from the listening position TO the speaker for the most part, and occasionally hold it against the side of the speaker and point it at the listening position. I looks like most of the EP models have a flat side edge wide enough to work this way.

With the wide baffles on the EPs, you can also measure from the listening position to spots on the left and right sides of each baffle and get very accurate measurements.

Same as badbeef above; however I did not use a laser but a very small LED lamp that I have on my key chain. Shining from my listening position to the speakers. The reflection of the LED is visible on the speaker/housing and helped to position them.

I could position my speakers very accurately. Worked like a charm.