Speaker time alignment video

That would be very cool :slight_smile:

THAT would be glorious.

@Chris_Brunhaver - you gotta do it now - I can almost hear folks prepping their woodworking tools :slight_smile:

…and doing it with “off the shelf” drive units makes it accessible.

@Chris_Brunhaver and @Paul concerning today’s vid, I think it would be spectacular if you guys published full frequency response (along with off axis), impedance curves, distortion curves, etc. with your speakers. I realize this would open you up to criticism from a certain group but that group is already making their own measurements and criticizing so who cares?
On the flip side, it would give you guys a lot of credibility that you know what you’re doing. And it would be very interesting to those of us who are interested in such things (but not in the measurement is god camp).

John Dunlavy measured each of his speakers in an anechoic chamber before selling them. If you asked nicely he would end you a copy of the measurements.

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Hi @Chris_Brunhaver

Is your degree qualification in electrical or mechanical engineering?

Just to be sure, I would rather have a couple of very competent engineers talking to us than a couple of suave Hollywood styled talking heads. just keep doing what you do best!