Sub phase changed with new speakers?

Well… I think I learnt something new tonight.

I’ve been using my sub for about 12 months and it’s been set up perfectly. Last week I bought some new bigger and better speakers. Tonight I thought I might have a play with the sub and make sure it’s set up properly with the new speakers. The first thing I did was hit the phase switch and… instantly hear more bass and better bass. :open_mouth:

Is this a thing? I thought the phasing would be the same between speakers - particularly because they’re all wired the same and in the same positions. The only difference is my new speakers are bigger and 3 way (spendor d9.2 vs my old pmc twenty5.23).

Has anyone seen this before? Keen understand the technical reasoning behind this.

There can be additional variables, such as the height of the new speaker’s woofers from the floor, the location of the woofer cones (not the front of the woofers), number of woofers, how the speakers handle phase and timing , etc.

I expect you will need to tweak the positions of both the new speakers and the sub to obtain the best sound.

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Thanks @Elk. Makes sense. Now that I think about it I wouldn’t be surprised if the front facing transmission line on the pmc vs the spendor rear facing transmission line will have an impact.

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The new speakers’ crossover will also flip flop phase depending on its filter order.

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