PS audio loudspeaker, will it incorporate motional feedback?

Hi there,

Just watched the tour Stereophile did of the PSaudio factory - very satisfying to my engineers eye :yum: - but what caught my attention was the servo drive discussed at 41:00, will the PS audio loudspeaker employ a motional feedback system ?

You bet!

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Great ! would be interesting to learn what sensor you folks are using :grin:

Piezo disc.


Good choice ! build some great sounding systems using these myself. Did you also bump into problems with base strain & pickup of ventilated polepiece induced airstreams ?

My phone and my pm have not stood still today. I hear that you are going to use the same DSP system as we use in our new speaker, Paul…lol But why now also the best when you finally get started with active speaker lol. More love Paul