Speakers just woke up - thanks to GCD/M700 combo

My Focal 1027BE speakers woke up yesterday from a long nap. During the four years I’ve owned the speakers they were powered by a 60W tube amp. The tube amp manufacturer assured me 60W was more than enough to power the Focals. However, I always thought the speakers could do more. The tube amp could produce high sound volume levels but it seemed like the speakers never really opened up.

Yesterday everything changed. When I powered up my new GCD/M700s the speakers came alive. The equipment still needs break-in time but the change in sound quality is amazing. I’m hearing fuller, more detailed MUSIC and not just louder sound. Ignore what the written specs say - experience the real world difference!

Yes! Now that’s what I am talking about. A great mini review of something we’ve been preaching for some time. More good watts is best.