What are you using with M700 amps

I am in the UK,
and was wondering what speakers owners of the PS M700 amps were using. This just so I can research various things. I have a set of Amphion 3LS speakers, and was thinking of the 7 LS models

Scansonic MB6-B’s

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Magnepan LRS

I’ve moved on to M1200s now but had M700s for a couple years. The 700s did a very nice job driving my Magnepan 3.7is and DWM bass panels.

Monitor Audio Gold 200 5G

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Magnepan .7s. I’ve also connected them to my old Meadowlark Kestrel 2s, with great success.

M700 + Dynaudio Contour 20 till Q1 last year.

Focal Aria 948’s and I swap in Magnepan LRS’s now and then.

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Sonus Faber Olympica Nova 3’s.

I used Tekton Electrons with my 700’s.

Focal Sopra Center Channel.

Focal Kanta 2s, very successful pairing with a tube pre-amp.

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Q Acoustics concept 500

Salk Song3 BeATs

Focal Aria 948

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Goldenear Triton 2

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They sound very interesting, I have looked into them a little, and as I have 500+ pipe organ recordings, they sound ideal

My M700s drive a pair of 22yr old LINN KEILIDH. Was driven by ARCAM Alfa 10, but with M700s I finally hear what LINN KEILIDH can do.

Acoustic Zen Adagios

Paradigm prestige 85f