Maggie LRS Question

Just wondering how far apart you have your LRS speakers and more importantly, how far from the front wall.

Mine are 52" from the front wall and 82" between the center of the panels.

Mine are 58” from the front wall and 73” from center to center in an 11’x15’ room. There is no lac of bass.

I found that bass was smoothest (using Paul’s Loudspeaker CD) between 74 and 82" center to center, but the sound stage wraps around better at 82" I now make one tweak at a time and then listen for a few days. Room is 10 x 20.

It’s all a matter of room size and your seated distance from the speakers. Then there’s the subject of tweeters in or out. That too makes a difference of how far apart you’re going to have them from each other.

Tweeters out is by far better for my room, and music. I have them on MagRiser stands, set at the lower of the 2 levels.

What wonderful speakers those are. Anyone here lurking and looking at the soon to be magnepan subwoofer. ? :sunglasses:

@Timm Maybe.
I’m probably more interested in the new LRS+ speakers.


Interesting. I know multiple people mildly impressed by it. I have yet to hear it. I don’t really feel the need for it but always interested. :grinning:

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For one, I don’t see the point behind them bragging about the thing extending all the way up to 7 or 10 kHz or whatever it is. That’s useless.

Secondly, at the rate Magnepan is going on about it, it’ll be another 30 years before they put the thing into production.

Thirdly, there’s PLENTY of quite capable “real” subwoofers on the market for a lot less than what they will want to sell theirs for. I think I heard mention upwards of $3500 for them.

Nope, I’m not interested in it at all, and don’t care to hear it either.

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So I mean do you have an opinion? I hear what you are saying. :grinning: I mean how long are we talking about things these days. Get on with it. A lot of bass concerns can usually be addressed with setup and room / seating positions. My 20.7 have sounded more anemic in certain room configs. I move them around and wow. I always say the room in the box w Maggie’s.

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Even more true with LRS’s. Fortunately I am not a “trouser flapping” bass nut, and much of the music I listen to is not bass dependent. Yes, placement is everything; well after wife acceptance!

In my room, if I move my 1.7i’s about 5 inches too far forward or backwards, they drop off drastically around 65 Hz. Where I have them currently, or almost 1 ft further out, they easily extend down to the low 40’s if not upper 30’s at my listening position.

My subs are currently set to 42 Hz @ 24 dB. It sounds like the 1.7i’s are producing all of that bass. The way it should be.

I’m not either, but I also want the entire frequency range available when called upon. There’s a lot more bass content in “normal” recordings than people realize because they have never heard said bass content due to the lack of the capabilities of their system.

Agree. Normal is good. Balance is good.

I will tell you. I bumped the amplification on my mags. And wow. Everything went a step forward

I heard the “Plus” version at a friend’s house. I would say they’re the most underpriced speaker I’ve ever heard. (The ONLY underpriced speaker I’ve heard).
With 50 watts, they were amazing. I plan to buy some.


I’ve heard the original LRS and as a 20.7 owner could be happy with them. I wanted to just start another system and find space for it!! Some of the guys here have subs w them and that might be interesting. But I thought they sounded good without subs if in the right size room


But the size of the room has no bearing on the matter.

It all has to do with the location of the speakers, the location of the listening seat, and the location of the room modes.

Ok. Whatever u say.