Finest tiny bookshelf?

What do you folks think is the finest very small bookshelf speaker? Not more than 7.5"Wx11"xDx14"H? plus a sub to go with them not more than 10.5"Wx10.5"Dx16"H? I need these for a very small table with a TV in the middle and sub blocked by a door opening. There is no budget within reason. I really do not see anything very good this small. Thank you

Easy, Wilson TuneTot.

I have Martin Logan 35XT’s in my den and I really like them. The smaller motion 15’s are very nice too, esp with a sub.

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I would hope the forthcoming Stellar speakers will be a success in this very competitive market. I thought they were going to be the first of the many forthcoming products.

As of now, Harbeth P3ESR are 7.5" W x 7.5" D x 12" H (just measured mine), so fit inside your measurements, but there are lots of options. At another extreme, you could get a pair of Devialet Phantom Gold, the H and D are OK, the W is a fraction larger at 10" but the base is smaller so they could sit over the edges of the table. I was very impressed by the sound and the last thing you would need is a subwoofer. The Harbeth need to be well positioned, can be very close, whereas the Devialet have massive dispersion.

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My Dali Rubicon 2 speakers are about those dimensions and they sound pretty darn good. Good luck.

I believe KEF LSX are that size. I have them in my office without a sub and they are quite good.

I completely forgot about the TuneTot. I actually heard those and they are very nice. The P3ESR is much more affordable of course and will give them a run for their money honestly. Completely different sound but just as nice really. I can’t believe I forgot these are that small.

I’ll stick to what I’ve personally owned and/or auditioned very extensively. The Silverline Audio SR17. Very close to your tiny monitor definition (a bit deeper). I regret the day I sold them. They are now in the ‘Supreme’ incarnation and if I were in the market (I’m not) I’d buy another pair in a heartbeat.

Spendor D1. Additionally, it is sealed, not ported like many others mentioned, which will be big advantage if placing on a “table” as you mention

Another vote for the P3ESR. I’ve used them for 7 years and am constantly amazed at how ‘large’ they sound, in addition to the signature Harbeth characteristics of transparency and ‘naturalness’. I’ve just ordered a pair of P3ESR-XDs to replace them.



Dimensions: 11.8" H by 7.9" W by 9" D. Weight 15.4 lbs.

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Klipsch “The Fives”, powered speakers with HDMI ARC and built-in dynamic bass equalization, along with a sub port, I got mine last week and you would not believe the amount of bass these guys put out.

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Thank you folks. Lots to go audition.

Boenicke w5. You will be surprised

Harbeth P3ESR. Best small speakers I have ever heard.


Quad S-1. Awesome little speaker with a really nice ribbon tweeter. 11.2" x 6.1" x 9.4". Originally these were I think about $1400 per pair. Music Direct has them now for $749. They are in my “third” system, and I haven’t turned on the other systems in weeks. Currently using a Hegel H90 and Kimber 12TC speaker cables with them.


I have to check out all of these. A lot of these are not even expensive. I don’t really see why I have to buy the TuneTot. It is nothing like the Wamm. I know because I have the Chronosonic.

Oh, I realized someone is going to call me out and say I am lying. I lied about my credentials. Not about my stereo equipment. think whatever you wish. I cannot change anyone’s feelings.

Well, I really like the P3ESR. I need to listen to a lot of others though. I am not bothering with the Tunetot. i feel it is not money well spent. On the other hand i feel the Chronosonic is money very well spent. The problem is the TuneTot is not at all the Chronosonic. It is not even a mini version of it. It is just an overpriced little little speaker. Sort of like an Mcintosh mini system.

there is a speaker above the P3ESR, skips my mind. I like that one even better of course but may be a tad to large.

I think PSB might make some nice ones too?

I am not looking for the most expensive speakers. Ones i like. Unfortunately the KEF REF 1 are much to big. Those are killer. Maybe the LS50?

The P3ESR is also sealed - I have them mounted on brackets about 3" from the front wall. Bass is still tight and not unduly boosted.

M30.1 460 x 277 x 275mm