Speakers with No Spikes? Other (Low Profile) Options?


I own the Andrew Jones ELAC Adante Floorstanding Speakers [AF-61]. Some owners have chosen to remove the factory base and spikes, siting that for some chairs & sofas, they position the tweeter too high above the listener.

My question is, if you have low carpet (or hardwood floors), what is the most audiophile alternative to spikes that will NOT raise the height of the speakers?



Rather than remove the spikes, you could try to shim the two rear spikes/feet on each speaker so the tweeter angle directs toward the sweet spot in seating area.

Thats what I did to compensate for a sunken living room seating area and it works quite well.

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if you don’t have post to screw into

i use these under my PMC Transmission line Sub Woofer speakers…my other speakers have removable spikes…so i use the Giant Fat Gliders with the matching (speaker) threading…

the owner is a great guy, if you phone the order in…

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Page two, “Threaded Sliders.”