To spike or not to spike. That is the question

Hello All.

I wish to get some advice from all the experts! I sold my Cornwalls and replaced them with these petit little Tekton Moabs. These are a hoot! Lol

Anyway, no feet on them so they are sitting flat on a tight knit berber type carpet. Im still moving them around looking for the sweet spot so all good now. They are tall and kinda narrow…about 6ft 135lbs.

Spike em? Makes adjustments hard and a little dangerous.

Put flat feet on em? No feet?

GAIA is like 500 bucks a speaker!

Your thoughts and advice much appreciated…

When I had my Tekton Electrons they were best just sitting on the carpet.

You could try siting them on some rubber mats or other simple isolation hacks but you may already be where you need to be.

Placement of the speakers will be more important than isolators IMO.

You could call Eric and ask for his advice. He is usually pretty quick to return emails and calls.

All of his products are a good dollar for sound value.


I also owned the Electrons, I had them spiked and used Herbie’s small gliders (brass) to easily move them around on carpet for final tweaks. You can then remove the gliders or keep in place for some decoupling.



FWIW, in my experience it is best to simultaneously spike and decouple speakers from the floor, with varying levels of positive impact resulting, depending upon the type of floor and floor covering the speakers rest upon,

For example, the spike/Herbie’s glider cups combination mentioned might be a great solution for you. (Many suggest brass is a better metal for cups and spikes by the way.)

The trick is to make sure you are shunting the pathways allowing vibrations to travel to AND from your speakers.

Here is a picture of my current “solution”:

It is a combination of spikes, cups and dampening footers.

The maple blocks help get my tweeters up to the proper height in relation to my ears and listening position and add some additional vibration control.

Of potential interest: I tried the Isoacoustics footers between the maple blocks and the carpeted floor (with the spikes and cups b/t the speaker bases and maple blocks) and did not like the result at all (“muddled” is how I perceived the sound).

So, experimentation is in order.

Good luck.


6 feet, narrow, 135 lbs., yikes! Notwithstanding any aural concerns, it might be prudent to put them on some sort of outrigger type of device, especially on a carpeted floor in the interest of safety.
Good luck on your placement quest!

Thanks to all so far! The Herbies might be a thing. A decouple mat would be cool but not sure that is viable. The last thing i want to do though is make these taller!.

Im also thinking the height of these drivers is contributing to my sound perception and performance. They soynd a lot better than they should really. Just creams the Cornwalls. Maybe do to design and a better fit for the room.

And you are right Baldy, placement is huge. I got subs to so a lot of sorting out to be done. I talked to Eric and Alex…they like spikes so i can order from them if needed.

Scotte…that looks like a awesome solution but i cant add height or at least not much. I use maple for my amps and stand. Never thought of speaker block.

Thanks again guys!

If i had toddlers i would lanyard them. I do have a 150lb dog but its not like he is over playing near the stereo. He is rarely in here at all. Worried about volume vs sensitive ears.

They are pretty stable surprisingly. But if you ever got them moving, might be hard to stop


I used the Herbies discs for awhile under a pair of Martin Logan 6XT’s and they are a good low cost solution to improve the speaker’s performance, but after switching to the IsoAcoustics Gaia’s I could never think of using anything else. The Gaia’s are well worth every penny.


Of course. I was just providing an example of combining spiking and decoupling…not suggesting this particular solution would work in your situation.

But perhaps a thin mat or maple cutting board would provide a stable base without adding too much height?

Good luck.

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1000 bucks for feet! Yikes. But thank you for the experience and observation. Good to know

I know. Your 2 tier solution looks awesome. Im going to get ideas here on forum, keep moving stuff around and come up with a cost effective solution.

Thank you

If you end up going with something under the Tekton’s, you might want to consider a solution that allows you to slightly tilt the speakers forward in order to keep the HF transducers pointed more directly toward your ears.


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The only thing I paid full price for in that setup is the maple blocks and they were not bought from a Hi-Fi related vendor.

The used market is the way to go. Be patient and you can do really well with your search for performance and value.



Thanks. As i mentioned above, i think some of the performance im hearing is height related. Ill be carefull in that regard. Imaging is great as i am getting music 6ft left of the speaker on some test tracks. Good staging anyway. Ill get my exercise… get up, tweek. Sit down. Get up, tweek. Rinse repeat


I really like the Herbies Giant Titanium glider. You can order four first and put two of them in the back of each speaker. This will tilt the tweeters towards the listening position more.

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Yep. There is at least one array and bass driver above ear level. I have read anything about tilting before, but that does not mean its not a good idea.

Certainly easy to try. Thanks

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What does Tekton recommend?

Tekton recommends spikes. 20 bucks …

With the weight and height i just have to make sure they are set once spiked. Not a good idea to try and move em afterwards


I know I am repeating myself…but, if you get some spikes, I highly recommend you place them is some cups that are designed to decouple the speakers from the floor and transfer energy from the speakers into the cups. I am not sure most garden-variety disks and other “spike holders” are appropriately designed to do this.

Have fun.

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