Spikes and subwoofer platforms

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Piece of advice and probably a stupid question. I have had a pair of BK subs in my main stereo rig for a while. Like with all subs there is an issue with transmitted vibration rattling stuff in the room and sometimes muddying the bass. Its a fairly big room with a harwood floor where the subs sit, though most of the floor is covered in a large rug. I have tried spikes and the pucks which go under washing machines. The pucks actually vibrated themselves and caused more noise so I am back to spikes.

I have now ordered a pair of Auralex subdude HT isolation platforms, mainly because I found them significantly discounted online. So my question is this. Do I take the spikes off the subs when I place them on the platforms, or keep the spikes on ?

I assume I take them off but it occurred to me I really didn’t know.

Any help appreciated.



You won’t know their system interaction until you try it. Try both ways.

Also worth trying are the IsoAcoustics Stage 1 footers. I have those under my subwoofers and they’ve substantially reduced room floor coupling. I use Auralex Gramma platforms under all my equipment.

Things in the room still vibrate from the air waves at very high volumes (90dB+), but are very well controlled at normal levels.

Thanks, Vee.

Trial and error. Always a sound strategy (no pun intended).


The footers SVS sells for the subs work on other subs and they’re cheap.

You are gonna love how completely the Auralex Gramma/Subdude isolation platforms eliminate your suspended hardwood floor’s propensity to drone along with the subs. I used the Auralex Great Gramma (bigger version of Subdude) to great effect beneath the quad of Paradigm Servo 15s I once owned.

On to your direct question- If the spikes are already threaded in place of the stock feet, I’d just leave 'em on so the sub securely couples to the platform.

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Thanks everyone. Looking forward to it.

Ditto on the SVS isolators. They work good and are $49 per set of 4.

I have been using the IsoAcoustics iso200sub isolators for a few years now with great success, especially on these old suspended wood floors. They make a big difference… a.k.a. - improvement!


Actually the SVS feet are more expensive right now in the UK than the Auralex platforms are. Worth a thought if the plats dont work or my wife hates them ( my BK subs have a fairly small footprint as they have twin 10 inch drivers stacked vertically, and the discounted plats are the HT size - 22" x 18 " ). Still, she might not notice…
Unfortunately she just retired so my previous ruse of getting stuff delivered and set up while she is out is now much harder to pull off.

I forget about the world wide participation here.

I use one of these for my fathom, seems to work well:

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Yep Ryan. That’s the model I ordered. Hopefully come in a day or two. Cheers.

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Got em and love em.