Spotify Lossless!

Looks like Spotify Hifi (lossless) finally on the way:Spotify HiFi is a lossless streaming tier coming later this year - The Verge . This will be very tempting - I find Spotify has the best curation, playlists.

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I use Spotify when I’m mobile and prefer the lower, more reliable, bitrate. However, you are correct in that their curation and playlists are great so I’d use them more at home if it sounded better. I will need to know what they are using for their format before I get excited. FLAC, sure. MQA, not so much. Something else, way not so much. Spotify Connect works great and that may solve the “exclusive mode” issue that Amazon HD had at launch (may still have as I stopped paying attention). To do “HD” right a handful of things have to line-up. It’s not just about pushing more bits. I look forward to learning more.

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i think after Spotify Hifi there will be an alternative continuation of spotify premium apk

Spotify Hifi was announced for ‘Later in 2021’ but still, in mid-November, does not seem to be launched unfortunately. Eager to try it.

Still no Spotify HD - radio silence from them. So I’m not holding my breath. I jumped over to Apple Music for the time being and enjoying their selection, quality, and integration with the iPhone.