Spotify finally offering Lossless

Just saw this…Spotify HiFi. With Spotify’s catalog and discovery tools could be a great thing for us audiophiles. Still looking for a decent classical solution ultimately though. I do wonder what prompted them to finally offer this. At first I thought it was because Tidal was cutting into their market share but it would seem that they just crossed the 50 million paid subscriber. So not sure why but When offered I will definitely go this route as their apps and interface beats Tidal hands down. Could MQA be on the horizon? Good times at last for folks who care about SQ!

I’ve been hoping they would.

That’s great news. Last month I was sent an online questionnaire about various hi-fi/vinyl/perk options and asked how much I would pay extra for each set of upgrades over premium. I guess the masses have replied that they value lossless. Any idea on a roll out date for the US?

No one knows yet. Looks like they were sending out feelers to see what folks would be willing to pay. I wish they would have sent me an invitation. Currently have both Spotify family plan and Tidal. Was going to cancel Spotify when I signed up for Tidal but my daughter really likes spotify a do I. I get Tidal hifi right now for $11,99/month with a military discount so not bad. The cool part about that is I ETS’d from the service over 20 yrs ago. You know I wonder if Spotify offers such a discount? Have to check that out especially with lossless on the horizon.