Spotify HiFi tier (finally) launching to offer CD-quality streaming

Spotify HiFi tier (finally) launching to offer CD-quality streaming. Today 22 feb-2021

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Positive change. Any change to rates?

I suspect there will be another tier of pricing above the current and maybe follow the model Qobuz is using of one price for month to month and a lower one for a yearly subscription.

“Spotify’s high-quality-audio subscription will launch later this year in select markets, likely priced at about $20 a month.”

Any idea why this took them so long?

My only guess is the vast majority of consumers are perfectly happy with a lossy stream. Yet, I would have thought they would want to capture the base audiophile market as well given the number of other services that already do so.

" With almost 300 million users, Spotify’s reach is comparable to the USA’s entire population. Roon, sitting at roughly 100,000 users, is Miami Beach. Spotify doesn’t need Roon. Think about it: if only 5% of Spotify’s userbase makes the jump to its HiFi tier, that’s still 15 million people."

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October 13, 2020

One has to carefully consider which tech giants one supports…

(Date 31. JUL 2020
We just had that war with YouTube

Danish musicians reach out for YouTube: ‘Cynical’ and ‘disrespectful’

The musicians are angry that YouTube will pay them less for their music.

If you usually listen to your music on YouTube, then there is bad news - at least if you prefer to listen to Danish music.

On Friday morning, the video giant has begun to block virtually all music performed and written by Danish musicians, because YouTube and the Danish musicians’ interest organization Koda disagree on how much money the Danish musicians should have when their music is streamed on the platform.

According to Koda, YouTube will shave the salaries of musicians by 70 percent - a figure that YouTube itself does not believe is correct.

Without an agreement with Koda, YouTube no longer has the rights to have the Danish music on their website, and therefore the streaming giant has thus begun to remove music performed or written by Danish musicians. We are already in the process of removing it because we respect the rights of artists and songwriters, says Dan Chalmers, Director of YouTube Music in Europe.

  • This is a situation we have desperately tried to avoid, and I hope we can find a solution as soon as possible. We are ready 24/7 to find an appointment. We have already negotiated with Koda and done our best. But I do not think it is a fair deal that Koda demands, he says. The decision to remove music performed and written by Danes is met with anger and wonder among several Danish musicians.

Google blocks Danish music from YouTube before midnight…

There is no new agreement for the use of Danish music on YouTube. Google is in the process of blocking Danish music on Friday. Date 31. JUL 2020)


I agree with Darko, except that Spotify don’t need 15 million subscribers. Even 5 million would make them profitable.

Spotify’s business model is based on world domination, they are targeting 1 billion users, and they will probably do it. They get users paying nothing, then get them paying, then get them paying more. It seems to work.

Spotify has a mobile app that is so good, they really don’t have any significant competition. They just have to make a profit and they are not far off.

Spotify gets used quite a lot here, my wife, my kids both use it, as do all their friends. All the streamers in our house (Devialet Reactor, Devialet Expert, Naim Qb2) have Spotify onboard, they detect a stream, wake up (if asleep) and play it. So if Spotify took over the world I wouldn’t be devastated, as I’m not a HD junkie, happily listening to 16/44 all day.

This is obviously a necessary move so as not to appear inferior to Amazon HD, and it makes sense given their significant expansion plans, especially in Asia.

I hope the Octave streamer has Spotify onboard.

Hi @Elk
I suggest joining this with Spotify HiFi tier (finally) launching to offer CD-quality streaming
Or the other way around. Thanks

I’ll admit to buying some stock this morning over the news.

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I get depressed reading how artist are treated. Black artists have known how it feels for over 100 years. I wonder if there is a silent conspiracy happening to the artists?

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Not unless the universal human vice of greed is in itself a conspiracy.

I think it is far too common and not necessarily grounded in reality these days (particularly at both extremes of the current American political spectrum) to see conspiracies where there are simply longterm endemic conditions.

Things being as they have long been, without those profiting thinking about it a whole lot - especially when - as Elk suggests - there is money involved. Doesn’t make them right - just the way things have been.

Its pricing fixing without overt collusion.

A.K.A. "Business as Usual":stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This is an interesting way to think of it, I see your point.

I do not see it as price fixing, but rather the typical forces of supply and demand.

If no service needs to pay artists/copyright holders more to remain competitive in the market place, they will not do so. As long as enough artists are participating in a service to provide listeners with sufficient music they want, nothing will change.

While not what I want in an ideal world, there is nothing nefarious going on.

Edit: I just saw Mr. Beef’s post above this one. He pretty much covered it in far fewer words. :slight_smile:

If they bankrupt the business and leave the investors holding the bag, stop paying employees and taxes altogether, etc. (i.e. rise to the level of “Presidential”) well then…we might have to take a very hard look🤷🏻‍♂️ Unless they’re willing to “work with us” on it, of course.


Darko’s take:

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So how does Spotify Connect send to the Octave Player ?