Spotify or Apple lossless on Directstream / Bridge 2

Will my Directstream with Bridge 2 be able to process Spotify lossless when it launches or Apple lossless?

If so, how?



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Fingers crossed that it will work with Spotify lossless. Spotify does such a better job of making playlists, showing me new music that I like, and seems to know what I want to listen to before I do. Tidal’s app feels like a joke, Roon is better but still not as easy to use as Spotify is.

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I don’t speak for PS Audio, but you should have no problems. Spotify already plays fine and “lossless” will probably be predominantly or totally CD quality, i.e., 16/24. Even if Spotify offered better than that, the bridge can handle up to 32/192, and I’d be shocked if Spotify went that high in the near future (or ever).